Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika now says it's God who gives children, thus people should not push her to be a mother just because she is 31.

Vera has in the past been rumored to be pregnant but it has never been confirmed.

Through a Q and A segment with her fans, Vera was quick to point out that when and if she becomes a a mum she will have to change roles and focus her attention on the baby.

Btw, the day I get a baby, my baby will live that good life y'all keep saying "we miss the Vera that's always flying around goin to places everyday etc" My child will be living that life on my behalf. They'll be my boss. Mimi I'll just be his/her escort, carrier & photographer.

I will carry the luggage & pay the bills for the vacation lma0000 it I might be a boss now but I won't be when a baby enters my life. I'll just be taking orders ot Woi.


It's God that Gives children not doctors & scientific theories. There's women at 20s who r struggling to get pregnant & still not successful. There's women at 40-50 getting pregnant even when they didn't expect it Nobody should put pressure on anyone to have babies. If they're ready they will. It's God who makes it happen.

This she  said after a male fan 'advised her to get kids before 35

Sorry for this but I'm a medical student and I advice you to get pregnant before 35, it's for medical reasons said the fan

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