Just like any other married person, singer Vivian can agree that marriage is not a walk in the park.

Even with the challenges, the 'Chum Chum' singer says it can work.

In an Instagram post, the singer who is married to her manager, Sam West, shared some secrets to a lasting marriage.

Anyone who is honest will tell you that marriage is no joke.

"However the truth remains to be that God can make anything work. The secret involves mainly surrendering to His ways and He will reveal himself to you.

Some of the things that I can bear testimony is that you and your partner must work on being friends. That even as you both develop individually you respect and genuinely care about one another’s personal well being."

She added;

"I do understand that the current times are hard for many couples but I’d like to challenge you to try be good friends to each other. True friendship is sweet and emits joy."

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Her post comes just when several celebrities are going through a divorce, from Hollywood stars Kim and Kanye to Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol.

Media personality and Marya Prude have already signed the divorce papers.

Sam proposed to Vivian on Live TV and later held a private traditional wedding.