Tanzanian artiste Harmonize has been trending for the wrong reasons after it was alleged that he was sleeping with Fridah Kajala and trying to woo her daughter Paula.

Online pundit Andrew Kibe now says men should be allowed to date women who are younger than them as long as they are not minors.

Through his Twitter account, Kibe shared,

'A man should only date a lady who is at least 7 years younger. Anything other than that is of the evil one. What I'm seeing in TZ is totally unacceptable. Huko wanaume walimaliswa kitambo ama? Huyu mse anafanya nini na shosh?

Harmonize was previously dating Italian babe, Sarah Michelotti. It is not yet clear what made them break up yet they looked so in love.

Below are some of the reactions to Kibe's advice to men with most of them disagreeing with him.

@mugohwangu: Whatever works for people is their business. You are not an authority in matters relationship Bwana Former Worship Leader.
@andywamovies: Huyu alishindwa kukaa na bibi now he is here to lecture us. Mwanamke mgani atakubali tabia za Kibe.
@theubuntu1: Nope.. For me, an older reliable, battle-tested Mercedes over a new shiny complicated Toyota.. Space ya dereva ni ile-ile, the difference is the feeling, safety matters and reliability.