Marriage is for the very strong-hearted. It must be. As you read this, a city woman is stranded somewhere wondering what to do with her life.

The Nairobian woman took to Facebook to describe how a man plotted to leave his wife.

Here is what she wrote,

"Truth is stranger than fiction.. storytime... There is this guy I know, this matapaka wanted to leave his wife, but the guy is a coward... so this is what he did, he told his wife they were moving... on the moving day, when everything was in the moving truck, all set ready to go..the guy asks the wife to go back to the house to countercheck if they have packed everything... to go en check if they forgot anything in the house.

Do you know this jamaa took off with the moving truck plus all their belongings... watu wanasemanga mateke ya punda wanakosea... Can you imagine that lady coming out of the house, seeing 2 suitcases with your clothes left there, your "hubby" amechomoka na everything...EVERYTHING..... na vile uliringia wamama wa ploti " you moving on up".....can you fathom the shock this lady must have felt....

Hapo ndio una angalianga juu, uulize Mungu, ulikosea wapi, Unapata Yesu amefunga curtain anakushow Mungu yuko busy kidogo..Jaribu tena baadaye... siwes... Wanaume Hoyeeee...#trustory #Thislife."

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