Khaligraph and Eric Omondi have been creating a buzz. The two have confused fans on whether they do get along or not.

The rapper and comedian have been throwing blows to each other on social media and early this year, they decided to take to the boxing ring...Of course Khaligraph Jones won.

It all started when Omondi threatened to beat Khaligraph in an exclusive interview with


Well, Omondi is now supporting Jones. In his new projects, the comedian jokes that he paid for the rapper's music video

Kama PRESIDENT the best I can do ni ku give back to the society. Wacha Tusaidie vijana juu naona ni Kasheshe ndio ako nayo mob. Mimi ndio nililipia hio Audio na Video ya Kasheshe. Iko hapo juu Kwa LINK YANGU.


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If they've truly patched things, we will only wait and see how long their friendship lasts.

Jones has released a new banger dubbed 'Punguza Kasheshe' check it out;