Kenyan socialite cum businesswoman Vera Sidika has shut down rumors that she is expectant with Brown Mauzo's baby.

According to Vera being indoors most of the time due to the Covid-19 has made her add weight thus the rumors.

Taking to her social media, Vera shared a video of herself posing in all angles so that her fans could confirm that she has no bun in the oven.

She then captioned it,

When they say stay at home this is what they mean: keep feeding & grow so fat that people will assume you’re pregnant 😂.

I’m not pregnant sweethearts. The day I’ll be, I’ll be the first one to announce. I’ll post pics everyday y’all will get tired of me 😂😂😂

Happy marriage weight caught up with me. Haven’t taken veetox in months 😪 starting again this week @veetoxdetox 🥰

During a recent Q and A segment, Vera had been asked by fans if she was expectant.

This she responded sarcastically stating that if she was she would be having four kids by now as this is the fourth time she is hearing such rumors.

'Waaah why do people think I'm pregnant though?

I don't understand  y'all say I'm pregnant every year ittl sijui Ni air pregnancy coz by now, I should be having like 4 kids for the 4 years of rumors Maybe I should go on IG Live tomorrow so y'all can point out where this "pregnancy" is,' Vera responded.

Lets wait and see if Vera is really pregnant ama ni air pregnancy as she claims.

What's the worst rumor you've ever heard about yourself?