Singer Akothee has always shared her life journey from childhood to marriage. Akothee, who was born in a rich family, has revealed that her mother was a typical African mum.

She was very strict.

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers is grateful to her mother for being such a disciplinarian, thanking her for shaping her future.

'I used to think my mum was insane while I was growing up, we used to live like cats and dogs, if she is not beating me up, I am hiding somewhere little did I know that she was just scared to let me go 🤔 and was preparing me for being responsible 🤣🤣 Now I appreciate our time more, I did hate when she would kick my bedroom door at 6.00 am 😭😭😭😭, mum, that was disrespectful, again, I won't take it personally 🤣🤣🤣It's called TIME. Now bills wakes me up at 4.00,' she posted. 

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Her fans reacted to her post sharing their experiences with their mother and below is what some had to say,

Scholes Knight 😂😂African moms

georginaonuoha A lion begets a Lion 🦁. Roar sis❤️

Emily Madiga I think our African mothers attended the same school........when it comes to bringing up their children.

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Catherine Kagonye African moms are great no one can ever replace my mom she is my greatest pride I love her so much am grateful she was strict with me am now a responsible woman

Jenipher Obare My mum was so powerful in always. She made us work under pressure, we feared her but in the end we are enjoying the fruits of her strength. R.l.P. mamawa.

Ruth Malala My mother was another one she could pull that blanket hard and tell you do you know usingizi ni umasikini , we look at her this days n we just thank God and being a single mum waaah

Pela Fwove My mum tooo glad my kids wake up themselves. I thank God

Melyne Kimuli My mum would wake me up at 5:00 before she leaves the house, she was a businesswoman and she believed that I was her kismart, anytime I opened the door for her she would make great sells,so at first sikupenda I was young and didn't know how much she was helping me, when she died I was 12, I decided to emulate everything I learnt from her, am now a parent and all I want is the best for my kids, rest well mama

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