Gospel-artiste-cum-pastor Ruth Matete, who gave birth a few months ago has advised pregnant women on what to do when the water breaks.

Sharing a post from Iamafirtstimemum page about what one should do if your waters (Rapture of membranes) break at home, she wrote,

'Your waters may break before labour or during labour. They can break by themselves or they can be artificially broken. Here’s what to do if it ever happens at home.

•Note the time they break

•Is it a trickle or a gush?

•Note the colour (Amniotic fluid should be colourless). Greenish fluid could indicate your baby has gone into distress.

•Note the smell (Should be odourless, a foul smell could indicate infection)

You will be asked to describe the above once you call or get to the hospital.

Go to the hospital immediately regardless of the stage of labour (The nurse or doctor will examine you and advise accordingly)' read the post.

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Mothers commented on the post sharing their experiences and below is what some had to say;

gracezagini My water broke at home around 3 am, I forgot to call my doctor because the water was greenish, I knew the next thing was the baby coming quickly I took my car key and drove myself to the hospital

midwife_advisoryea Thank you for sharing such vital information

kena_ibui If water breaks during labour, the fluid may also be pink/blood stained, due to the dilation of the cervix.

wacheghu While attending Lamaze classes at 36 weeks at the hospital I was going to deliver at 🤣

naomi.maina At 4 am at home 34 weeks.

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