Radio Jambo host Massawe Japanni is at a loss after the arrest of Eric Omondi as she had advised him against producing such content.

In a ratchet video shared on Eric Omondi’s social media platform before his arrest, Massawe commented,

‘@ericomondi si tuliongea tu vizuri..What happened? Jamani!!’

According to Massawe, Season one of 'Wife Material' was full of ratchenes and she had hoped Eric would listen to her and tone down on the ratchenes.

But by the look of things mambo ndio yamezidi.

Fans have  told her to accept defeat and move on as there is nothing she can do.

 lydiahnyakoi: @massawejapanni ata me I saw your interview with him and we thought this time round it gonna be a cool one not this dirty scenes we seeing and now from this at the end you gonna call pastor, advisors and sijui nani noooooo a big no.

 ma_blessings: @massawejapanni woi! Usijusumbue tena he will get over it with time, ni stage ya life,.

lopezjennipher: @massawejapanni the best thing Is you did your part dear and leave the rest to God.

makandimsupah@massawejapanni: erico amekua wazimu hapa hakuna wife anatafuta

What's your opinions on Eric Omondi's show 'Wife Material'?