Former Tahidi high actress Miss Morgan has said that she is raising her daughter alone and she is loving every step of it.

Unknown to many Morgan is a single mum.

Speaking on an interview with Hiram Maina, she said,

'I am a single mum to an 8 year old girl.

When I look at my life she is the only thing I did right if she was not there we would be talking of a different story.

I feel blessed having her in my life.'

Morgan who has battled depression at some point in her life revealed that she turned to alcohol but her family and close friends intervened.

'I was doing things I would not do in my normal state.

I would switch my phone off even for 3 days and stay inside the house.

Depression comes with change, too many expectations and I was angry all the time.

My depression was out of not me loving myself.'

Asked whether she is married Morgan said,

'I am not married but I am loved and I am loving him back. It's a great feeling, the guy is Jesus.'

Speaking on why she was off social media for so long Miss Morgan shared,

 I feared social media for such a long time because of the hating but someone told me that I need haters to keep growing.

I was not on social media and Its my friend who kept telling me to go back so that my fans can keep tabs on me.

I am also back to acting and currently I have worked on 'Kina'.

Always reach out to family or friends if you are going through depression, you don't have to go through it alone.