With the way life is tough it's hard to maintain looking good and young over the years.

Here are some ladies who don't look their age  and are as fine as very expensive rare wine.

Julie  Gichuru  - the legendary TV presenter who had been on air from the longest time seems to have drank an anti-aging potion and instead of aging she glows as the days go by and even looks younger. Age has not hit her face or curves.

Sheila Mwanyigha - the beauty from coast even after disappearing and reappearing doesn't seem to have changed she is still glowing and looking  as young as ever.

Lilian Muli - we saw her on our screens for the first time years ago and jaws dropped it hasnt seemed to change as the years go by and she still managed to look as stunning as ever.

Kate Actress  - the now mum to two still looks fire just like when she played the role of Selina in Mother-in-law. Age has not taken a toll on her.

Patricia Kihoro - the star of Tusker Project Fame graced our screens when she was younger and still looks the same. She hit 35 and it came as a shock to many since she doesn't look her age.

Kambua - from the days Kambua started singing to her getting married and being a mom her looks haven't changed she is still glowing and still looks as young as the first time we saw her on our screens.

Judy Nyawira- She is the wife to Abel Mutua and a mom to an 11 year old, but she looks nothing like that she can still qualify to be in first year campus.