We have in the past heard people advising to be a ‘slut’ when it comes to bedroom matters after all that's the only place you can be free.

In lay man’s term, this means going the extra mile to please your man and allowing him to please and satisfy you too.

Gone are the days where women would just be content with kifo cha mende style.

Even though some men might be shy to speak out, They love when their lady ‘lets loose’ when it’s time for Twa Twa.

Here are some of the advantages of being a ‘slut’ in bed.

Lessens tension in a relationship

This is because the couple knows well enough what their partner likes and what they don’t like.

Allows a couple to explore

There is nothing wrong with kifo cha mende also known to many as the missionary style.

But being a ‘slut’ in bed allows a couple to explore and experiment on the different things that can give them pleasure.

Like they say everyday is valentines day, so how about letting loose and surprising your bae with something new in the bedroom.

Allows you to identify erotic zones you did not know existed

Every person whether man or woman has an erotic zone.

But for some people these areas are like undiscovered mines, allowing yourself to let loose in bed gives your partner a chance to treasure hunt for these spots.

And when they do believe me it’s worth the trouble.

Ask yourself when was the last time you had an orgasm, or when did you last squirt ama pastor alisema hio ni mambo ya shetani?

Learn to let loose, life ni fupi haitaki hasira.