This world is full of evil people. You just need divine intervention to discern them before you let them into your life and eventually build a family with them.

A city woman has narrated how she found out her husband is a paedophile, years after she said "I do".

The story was first posted in Pastor Tony Gobanga's blog where he gives marriage advice to couple who's union is on the rocks.

Read and be stunned.

This is a true story and the names of the people involved have been changed to protect their identity. They have given me permission to share their story.

"We moved in together straight from campus because that was our dream right from first year, when we began dating. My best friend had a strong dislike for him from the word go. She would say that this guy was quirky and creepy and that there was something off about him. I dismissed her, in fact I thought that she said these things because she had been single for such a long time. I tried to look out for anything weird about him, but I couldn't see it. Perhaps I was blinded by his love and his desire to conquer me and so I went in headfirst. For the most part, we have had a fairly stable union with the usual ups and downs of every couple I guess. Our parents know each other, but there hasn't been a formal meeting or introduction.

Both of us fear and respect God but we never went to church or any fellowship. About 8 months ago, I got this nanny from shaggs who has been so amazing in so many ways. There was a certain aura about her that can't be put in words. If I'm to compare her with me, she seems to be doing so well, living a well adjusted life despite the bashing she has received from life. I got curious and I asked her what is it about her and that is when she introduced me to her faith. She told me about prayers, the Bible and Jesus. After about 2 months I started going to church with her and I loved it and eventually I gave my life to Christ after sometime.

It's around that time that I started noticing something strange. All of a sudden we had a lot of money. My husband was showering me with gifts and yet I handled our finances. I know how much he makes and he wasn't in any business. I tried asking him and he just told me that he got a windfall over some online trading. I got interested so that I could pump in some more cash from my earnings too to enable us to make a kill, but he wriggled himself out of that and I brushed it aside.

The other thing that was a bit bizzarre was our bedroom. Both of us are clumsy people and its common to find things all over and we used to joke about it for the longest time, but then a new trend set in. We would go to sleep with clutter all over as is the norm, but then in the morning, the entire bedroom would be neatly arranged it including the bedsheets on our beds. We were both neatly tucked in, you would think that we had just gotten to bed. Anytime I woke up before him, he would be sleeping in the same position, hands upon his chest, facing upwards like a corpse. His body would be cold and if i nudged him, it would take me about 2-3 minutes to get him to wake up. During this short span, his body would warm up and then he would open his eyes, look at me and smile. There was a day that I thought that he had died, because it took longer than the normal time for me to wake him up and he woke up and found me crying. He looked at me and went to shower, which is very unlike him. I have tried talking to him about all this but he just dismissed me and even laughed it off.

Now here comes the most difficult part," she took a deep breath and started balancing her tears.

My nanny approached me about a month ago and told me that something is wrong with Jeff-my husband. She told me that he is molesting our 3 year old daughter and also the little boy. I tried to show concern as she told me all these accusations, but the fool in me ignored it and I didn't pay much attention. I knew that my husband had changed a bit and I couldn't place a finger on the specific thing, but then I was pretty sure that it wasn't what the nanny was telling me.

A week later, she came back with the same story. I took time to remind her about her place in our house as a nanny. I took issue with her cheap accusations that had no basis because I knew how my husband really loved his kids and how he provided for us. I also told her that it was my husband's idea to increase her salary and so she should not think that such insinuations would break our home, she was the outsider!

All this while she was calm and disconcerted. She moved closer to me and told me.

"Mama Toto, please lay a trap and see for yourself. I'm not a home breaker and If I'm wrong please fire me on the spot."

"What if I ask Nana (my 3 year old)?" I challenged her.

"You can go ahead and ask her, but then I think she has been coached on what to tell you or anyone else. Baba Toto always tells her that this is their little secret and then he would give her goody goody sweets. Haven't you noticed Nana has so many dolls of late? They usually come after he has molested her, but try it because you are her mother and it is possible to reach her in a way that I can't" She said this as she stepped back.

I couldn't believe it...this was my darling, could he be.....No......but why would my house manager lie to me? Okay, I have heard of stories of how these house girls can conjure stories with no head or tail just to push you out of your position so that they can take over your marital haven. So I needed to be smart about this, I couldn't confront my hubby about it, because he would definitely deny it. but I needed evidence. True to her word, Nana my daughter had been coached to say the right things, she vehemently denied anything...I tried to look into her eyes, I assured her but nothing.

My nanny went on to describe my husband's patterns and suggested on how I could catch him in the act. We had this discussion 3 days ago and you can imagine the intense agony, that I have been going through as I wait for the day when I can catch him.

Today was the day of reckoning. My husband was on off duty and I left for work as usual but I wasn't going to head to work. My nanny and I had devised a plan that as soon as.My nanny and I devised a simple plan. I drove to work as usual and left him home with the babies and parked the car just a few blocks away and waited for my nanny's message.

I came back on foot and slipped into the house through back door and went into the bedroom and busted him as he was unzipping his trousers and my unsuspecting little girl was there naked on the bed....

Dear Lord!!!

A profusion of emotions invaded my mind and heart in that one second that as I stood there seeing what was just about to happen. My entire system was on shut down mode and at the same time I wanted to explode. I experienced two contrasting extremes. When I get angry, I usually raise my voice, but this time, I couldn't find my voice. I was in utter shock, total dismay.... I felt weak and I tried to move but I couldn't.

Our eyes met and we froze, then his trousers fell down.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

He picked them up and looked at me brazen faced and said nothing.

In an instant, I snapped out of that space and I went into auto pilot. I called my nanny and shouted instructions as I dressed my daughter and in we left the house to come here. Mama Jaffe took us to the doctor and where they were checked and treated. The doctor of course asked many questions and I was caught up in a state.

Nana will begin seeing a children's counselor tomorrow...."

"Wait, why didn't you report to the Police?", I interjected after a long time.

"I am not sure why. I was enraged and I am still angry, I wanted to react and just do something vengeful, anything but I have been unable to. I needed to be at a place where I can think rationally and objectively because I feel like I'm losing my mind. How could my campus sweetheart, the father of my babies cheat on me with his kids? It even sounds disgusting coming out of my mouth, because its not even consensual, he is actually preying on them. I feel angry at myself that I was unable to detect any tell tale signs of abuse on my kids and yet I pride myself in being highly intuitive...but how did I miss this one?

None of us spoke for a moment and you could 'hear the voice of silence' engulf the entire room.

"Wait a second", Venice said while standing up in an ahaa moment. "Now it makes sense. My husband is dabbling in something that is very dark, weird and highly suspicious. He has a lot of money out of nowhere, our bedroom gets arranged every single night and I'm pretty sure that is not him, getting socks is usually a daily headache every morning and then his body gets so cold you would think he spent the night in a freezer and now this?"

Mama Jaffe agreed with me and we persuaded Venice to report the matter to the authorities. "It's good that your daughter is getting counselling, but I think that you too need to get into therapy as a matter of urgency because what you saw this morning was gruesome."

Then the question that dreaded the most came knowing at the doors of my ears. "What about my husbands diabolical ways, what do we do about it?" she looked like she was willing to do anything even if it meant slicing out his testes and feeding them him with no salt. She was going to do it. Venice was incensed!

"Well, I don't know much about the occult and as you have narrated, I think it's possible that he is flirting with dark world or he is deep in it. All I can do is pray for you and promise to pray with you. I'm still a young Christian but I know that God can do anything."

I prayed with her, bid her farewell and then went to my house. I was bewildered and I walked in shock. This was horrifying and completely out of my league. I wondered what I would have done in her situation...Anyway, at least she agreed to go to the cops. 

Source - Tony Gobanga's blog