Controversial gospel artiste Ben Githae has told off critics blaming him for 'singing' them into the Jubilee (Uhuruto) government.

A section of Kenyans claim he is to blame for influencing them to vote for Jubilee. Responding to the claims in an interview with NTV, he said,

'Today anything that happens in the politician world and even when people are suffering economically, they point at me saying "wewe Ben ni wewe ulitudanganya wewe. Kwanza tumekuona na kakitabu ya 2022. Tutakachukua na tukachome" but that doesn't bother me because at that time I believed in that.'

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In his Tano Tena song, Githae promises Kenyans that their future is safe in the hands of the Uhuruto government. But he still maintained he's not to blame for what's going on.

'Ni mjinga tu yule anaweza shikanisha mashida yake na Ben Githae. Mimi niliimba wimbo, wewe ukubali ama uikatae. If you don't work for yourself and blame me utakufa maskini,' he said.


'I did my job and was paid. Wewe fanya kazi yako itakulipa! Work hard and stop blaming people. Singing is my job and I'll continue doing it. Make a difference in your life and stop blaming people!'

Asked if he will compose a BBI song if given opportunity, he said,

'Mimi nitaimba tuu kwa sababu what I sing is what I believe in. When I say Jesus is the saviour I mean it and when I said Uhuruto Tano Tena I meant it. Now if I say BBI, I will mean it because I'm serious about what I do. I just don't it because of money but I love money so much.'

He's not afraid of the backlash that might come incase he composes the song and he said,

'Whether people like it or not, I'll do it. They will insult me but I'll remain Ben Githae.'

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