In a prelude to Valentine’s Day, singer Vivianne wrote a mushy tribute to her husband - Sam West.

The singer recounted to her Instagram fans how she used to be a Karaoke host back in the day. Adding that it’s in doing that that she met her husband.

Vivianne revealed that after a show in Galleria, Sam approached her a day later, baffling her by seeking to foot her bills seeing she was a single mother.

She disclosed that they came to an agreement for him to be giving her a monthly retainer whilst she focused on her music.

He did, and with that, their relationship blossomed.

The singer celebrated her husband adding that he was a fledgling businessman who opted to sacrifice his resources to nurture her dream.

She added that he’s believed in him on days she didn’t believe in herself.

Their marriage hasn’t been all rosy with the singer divulging in a recent interview that they had problems which drove them to see a counsellor.