Former Mother-In-Law actress Jacqueline Waruinge has thanked her fans for coming through for her when she needed a job. The former actress says she has been jobless for about ten months which led her sell her house stuff.

Waruinge who is  sister to former Tahidi High’s Miss Morgan,wrote;

"after selling all my house stuff, moving back home job hunting for 10 months and doing casual jobs, I finally landed myself a job"

She went to add that;

"Thank you all those who tagged me, called me inboxed me with job offers, I appreciate it so much. I am over the moon. I have a job. Mbarikiwe sana"

The hotelier added that people should not be afraid to ask for jobs due to pride and ego;

Never be embarrased to tell people you are jobless and need help. Pride and ego never fed anyone

Kenyans have in the past come through for other celebrities like Comedian Njoro, TPF singers Alvan Gatitu, David Major and many others.