A video of 3men_army ranting about Wizkid's billboard in Nairobi's Westlands area has gone viral, igniting mixed reactions.

The three content creators recorded a video, questioning why Wizkid's billboard was erected in Kenya, claiming it should be somewhere in Nigeria and the space reserved for a local artiste.

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This didn't go down well with music lovers, who criticised the group, with some claiming they're just ignorant.

Check out the reactions;

hercherryness Clout chasers 😒😒when will Africans elevate

lynne_ej Honestly this is a non issue.... Sauti sol wamejaa kwa billboards south Africa, US.... Khaligraph amekuwa kwa billboard Nigeria pia, why are you guys so bitter? Let everybody win. 😏

joeykioko You're wrong.. Think beyond your borders..

leerussian Such mentality is why you guy will remain irrelevant... trust the process...wizkid didn't wake up one day and ordered billboards all over africa... muache akili ndogo. Persistence. Or maybe you doin it for attention.. along way it is

ask_your_mother Wanaume watatu wanafikiria kama mefii tuu

papa_alando But it's simple..... billboards are for advertisement. You pay, your product gets advertised. So where is the problem? @3men_army help me understand your rant because rynna it's sounds pretty thoughtless. What's your point exactly??

butwhy.ke Mko na makelele za radio nyinyi

supermannji Zenu mshawai weka Lagos zikatolewa

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goodwillmusyoka You are all wrong. Music is music, the guy is actually thinking beyond borders. That's what has elevated his music to the level that he is.

d.notty Your problem,would you complain if your billboard was outside Kenya? Pelekeni huko ata nyinyi alaaa😁

moraah_ 😩Haters will always hate💀

nyambu_ndngu Kwani watu huekwa Bure si pia wakenya wafike bei alar

samy_xmulaxx Juzi sautisol si waliekwa kwa billboard sijui ya Hong Kong mbona hamkutetaa😂😂😂😂.. Content ni kali lakini😂 @3men_army 💪

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