Transgender Letoya Johnstone has spoken about her life and how her parents reacted to her fighting to be the gender she feels, she is deep down in her psyche and identifies with.

Both her parents were in the fishmonger business.

"I was never raised as a fisherman, I was more interested in school and learning," Letoya said.

Explaining who she is to Massawe Japanni on her mid-morning show on Radio Jambo, she said,

"I'm a woman. I was born male but my thoughts and manner are female. People only see the outside and it is hard because people judge based on that. Gender is mental and genetic not the gender yopu are assigned at birth. I'm a woman born in the wrong body. I'm a transgender woman."

Has she opted to change her body to be more feminine?

"I haven't used any medicine (hormone therapy) to transform myself. Not all transgender go for surgeries to change. people confuse us with intersex and gay people because society focuses on organs to chose a gender.  I'm transgender and heterosexual. But I'm single. I buy my own diamonds. 

Asked if she has ever dated, Letoya said,

"I have never dated. People tend to be scared because they don't know who I am. I'm not able to get somebody to claim me, but I have made peace with it and I love and appreciate myself and don't need anyone to tell me who I am."

Parents take on her being a transgender.

"When you are a kid they think it is a phase that will pass, but when they see that even up to high school you still identify as the female gender, your family is not an issue they let you be. Now the issue is the neighbours and Society at large, they attack your parents saying they have failed in raising me. If society was kinder, we would be okay and in return, my parents wouldn't be shamed."