Gospel singer Dennis Mutara is depressed and needs serious help, close friend reveals

Piece by: Elizabeth Ngigi

Kikuyu famous Gospel singer Dennis Mutara is in need of urgent help from Kenyans.

Mutara is suffering from depression that has led him to appear so emaciated and has also lost so much weight.

Dennis Mutara has been living with his mother in Murang'a after he was involved in a road accident in August 2020.

In a recent interview with his longtime friend and media personality Jeremy Damaris, Mutara's health seems to be deteriorating as even during the interview, he could not speak fluently, he seemed to be in denial but admitted that he needed people to help him.

Well, Jeremy has called out fellow musicians, friends and any member of the public to assist him in taking the artiste to rehab so he could be seriously assisted.

'He has depression as he has something that need medical attention from specialists. He feels like God has forgeotten him and he at some extend does not even recognise himself.

He needs urgent assistant.

Speaking during the interview, Dennis said he came home after he was involved in an accident leaving his family in Nairobi to take care of his businesses.

'Nothing is wrong but the devil has taken over my life.'

While asked if he has been using alcohol, Dennis said;

'It is not true that I have been using alcohol.'

In a past interview, Dennis said he had been restrained (kufungwa) by his fellow musicians from singing.

"I want to be frank and say a problem of any mechanic is the other mechanic and a problem to a musician is also another musician," he said, adding that a singer will be eaten by their fellow musicians.

"You never know what happened to me. It was my star that was shining and they tried to put it off. They cut my roots."

The 'Wendo Ni Muhiu' (Love is Hot) hitmaker directed his message to those he claims have been after his downfall.

"I would sing after two years or one year, but I have not sung for the last six years," he said emotionally.

Watch the whole interview;