Brian Ogana aka Luwi Hausa says being a father has been the greatest gift ever.

Responding to fans' questions on Instagram, Ogana revealed that fatherhood is the best thing above everything he currently has

"I will be good as dead, being a dad is by far the greatest gift"

The father of three introduced his kids to the World on the cover of Parents Magazine

“#fatherhood #PapaBear Allow me to re-introduce myself and the peeps that have thee brilliant minds to keep me in-check. Being a dad doesn’t come with a manual, am just privileged to be one, am just your ordinary man but a hero in the eyes of my beautiful munchkins @parentsafrica meet my squad/ mbogi genje 😊 #TheOganas( mukitaka professional mourners squad iko tayari🤣🤣)” 

Ogana has kept the mother(s) of his three kids private.

Asked who his favourite actors are, the Maria actor said;