Anita Soina, environmental enthusiast released her debut book in October last year titled  “The Green War which highlights environmental injustices globally.

In an exclusive interview with, Soina explained;

"Among the issues addressed are Climate Anxiety, racism in the climate movement (where we have stories of Climate activists from the global south whose messages and photos have been cropped out of conference for being black), Urban deforestation)

The book is an hour's read and targets young people outside the climate movement whom Soina believes can rescue the situation

"I wrote the book within a week during the pandemic as such topics do not need voluminous books especially if the target audience is that outside the movement! Conservation language is known to be tough and boring to people who have not subscribed to it yet!" She added

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She says among her highlights in 2020 was recognition from Greta Thunberg, a Swedish climate Activist who followed her on Twitter

"This has been an encouragement to keep fighting the fight ! Ever since the launch of the book, 95 percent of the purchases are from people outside the climate movement and upto only 12 environmentalists have the books with them ! Most Kenyans in diaspora and those out of the climate movement are purchasing the books!"

Soina has been planting indigenous trees for every book bought adding that she has not met any political resistance and no political support however, she hopes to have more discussions that will lead to collaborations with the political side

Anita has gone through challenges as most people don't understand the love of growing trees as a serious matter to help fight climate change!

"The young people whose future and present is not promised are not interested in such activities that make a society better and are now sinking in the showbiz world full time!"

"Another Challenge that most environmental Warriors face is convincing leaders to treat climate change as a crisis it is and not for publicity stunts like we will always see them associate themselves with environmental conservation on special days like (Wangari Maathai day, World environment day etc)"

As other people will always say inadequate resources, I will always say; if we take it as a collective responsibility it would be easy! A situation where everyone does their best to conserve.

She explained about what Eco-anxiety is and how her experience has been

"I’m a victim... I have found myself in situations where I log off my socials after reading too many things happening as a result of climate change! At one point I cried for hours and felt disturbed when I saw what was happening in lakes in Kenya, when the arctic was melting, when people in India were affected by floods! I make some of my bitter climatic change posts in too much anger! This is a feeling most eco Warriors get! They may not speak about it but that’s the reality!"

Her plans for 2021 is to have sit downs with the leaders who can help in this fight since the noise and cries in the streets are taken for granted.

She is the founder of SpiceWarriors, an environmental organization which helps in educating the society on climate change.