Here is a list of celebrities who have had a brush with the law.

Majirani - The Hivo Ndio Kunaendanga hit maker was arrested after he had quit his degree in criminology. In a past interview he explained that, he was arrested on his way home after a gig. He was remanded at Narok prison without been given the opportunity of bail or to defend himself.

Jowie- Joseph Irungu alias Jowie was arrested after he was named the prime suspect in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

Her body was found dumped in the bathtub of her posh apartment in Kilimani. Her throat was slit ear to ear and hands bound. Jowie spend one and a half years in Kamiti Prison before he was released on bond.

Jacque Maribe - the well-known news anchor was arrested together with her former lover Jowie after she was charged for the murder of Monica Kimani. She was later released on bail but stated that she learnt so much when she was in prison

John Kibera- this is the guy behind the stealing of coffins. The man talks about his life as a criminal in such a witty manner but this life was short lived. When his day came to face the charges it wasn’t good. Though he was released and is now a pastor.

Hart the band- the group was arrested during an event due to miscommunication. The issue was later resolved.

Octopizzo- the rapper was arrested with regards to the death of his neighbour, a college student. The matter is still in court.

Abel Mutua- during one of his stories on his YouTube channel he shared on how they were arrested for flying drones in a restricted area. Though they resolved the issue and were released.

Babu Owino- during his campus days he was known for his leadership style and always went head to head with police during riots. His recent arrest was linked to the shooting of DJ Evolve at B Club. The case is ongoing.