Gospel singer Justina Syokau was trending through memes on new year's eve after being asked by netizens not to release a new year's song.

In the start of 2020, she released the song 'Twendi Twendi' proclaiming that it was her year of success. Indeed, she got to hit headlines and fame became her portion

Well, she has released the a song 'Twendi Twendi Wani' and speaking about it, she asked people to stop saying that she 'bewitched' the year 2020

'My song had nothing to do with Covid....If you are breathing, don't complain to Justina, give thanks. I got into the new year with energy"

"I was trending because Kenyans love me. I was trending four days straight"

Syokau who is now a divorcee says this is the year to find herself a man

"I am single, I have not found the one. I know God will bless me with a man. "