Usually fathers are never in the limelight to show the contribution they are making towards the upbringing of their children.

They are usually  behind the scenes and even most times we don't get to see photos of them.

Here are a few people who let us have a glance in how they bond with their sons.

Kabi and Taji - Taji, the son to Kabi Wajesus is a  photocopy of him and also they share a wonderful bond since birth as Kabi explained that he used to wash him so that they could find time to bond.

Darmon and Reign- Darmon the singer and preacher has a set of twins a boy and a girl. He is serving us father and song goals with his son Reign.

DJ Mo and Muraya Jnr - a total look alike of his father. DJ Mo once made a video of their bonding time together going for a haircut. Many women ended up having crazy baby fever.

Eko Dydda with sons, Keep it real and I am blessed - the two sons of the rapper have very unique names and they seem to be the apple of their father's eye.

Njugush and Tugi - Tugi, Njugush's only son and quite bright son doesn't lack to make a cameo on our timeliness when Njugush finally shares cute pictures and videos of them together.

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Mr Seed and Gold- Mr Seed's son with Nimo Gachuiri is a total photocopy of him. They set some cute fater-Son goals on social media.

Creme dela creme and Jamari- We don't really see Jamari, Creme dela creme's son but when we do it's always a moment when they are bonding.

King Kaka and Prince Iroma - Prince Iroma, King Kaka's son with Nana Owiti is nothing short of father son goals. It is a beautiful thing to see fathers bonding with their sons.