Kenya has some innovative entrepreneurs who are making serious strides on eCommerce. Check out Kenyan brands that are doing very well in the eCommerce world.

Marini- owned by the beautiful Michelle Ntalami in conjunction with Niya Patel. The hair care company has a variety of items like shampoo leave-in conditioners and detanglers. The brand has been well appreciated in the market and is good for natural hair.

Pace- the headphones and speaker company owned by director Jibril Blessing is not only thriving in Kenya but also beyond. The director has ensured massive marketability of his brand and the speakers are really good quality. They aim at improving their brand and therefore bring in new technology to the devices they are building and some are waterproof and have noise cancellation.

Cool black life - a clothing brand but also customizes, hoods, t-shirts, caps and mugs. Cool black has various hampers and packages and some even come with watches. The brand also sells other things like baskets and have a great quality of clothing. You can get matching t-shirts for bridal showers, anniversaries and photoshoots

Home- this brand is also owned by Jibril Blessing. It is a clothing line of mostly t-shirts, hoodies and tracksuits. The clothing lone has various influential models like Avril, Foi Wambui and many others has attractive packaging. Various people such as Kamene, Daddie Marto, Koku Lwanga, Masterpiece and many others wear this brand and its good for family or individual clothing.

Esko- Esko life clothing (passion culture identity) owned by the legendary crème de la crème. Esko clothing is a line that has been distributed from Kenya and beyond, the clothing includes hoods, shirts, and influential people like Kahush, Joe Muchiri, Shaq the Yungin flaunt the brand in their socials.