Comedian Njugush' younger brother Ngugi Ndegwa is finally off the market ladies.

Ngugi walked down the isle with his longtime girlfriend Lily on Saturday.

He shared a series of photos on his Instagram page.

Well, Njugush introduced his brother to the public a few months ago saying he has always walked and supported his dreams.

He wrote;

Here is my younger n only brother and my only sibling in this world Ngugi Ndegwah Lepoete. He turns a year older today. He always has my back… I promise to always have your back bro when you need me”

“We gonna be okay bro. We will be fine. Baddest poet I know. Very articulate huyu kwetu ndie hutoa vote of thanks… Jamaa ndio amekula vitabu kwetu proper. We thank God for your brilliant mind”

“Happy birthday to my only brother. I love you so much. May all you dreams come true…. He has a new book out ladies and gentlemen.

Ngugi is a poet by the name Ngugi Ndegwa. The two bare a striking remembrance and that gives off a twin vibe.

To congratulate his brother, Njugush wrote;

My dearest brother im so proud of you @ngugi_ndegwa_lepoete it was a beautiful day!!! Congratulations wewe na mtu wako!!!!

Check out photos of the newly wed couple;