Every step is important in life from birth to education to marriage, people want to have some kind of growth in their lives.

In the education sector, graduation marks an important mileage in an individual’s life.

Graduation from school means there are a lot of opportunities that one can be able to unlock with that O-level certificate, with the Diploma, degree, masters and PHD.

Some well-known names have recently shared their big day with their fans expressing their joy in being able to graduate.

Most celebrities have it all in terms of finance and one would ask why the hell would he/she even think of going back to school with all the opportunities knocking on the person’s door?

After all, for most people we study to gain knowledge and skills and thus transfer the skills in another channel in order to gain opportunities for employment.

For some of the celebrities that certificate is the document needed for them to elevate to the next level in their career for others it is for prestige and to challenge oneself.

1. Vesha Okello- Vesha Okello is the latest celebrity to graduate.

The first born daughter to famous musician Akothee and Jared Okello, has been making headlines in December for her extravagant graduation party.

Vesha who is the first child in her family to hold a degree has recently graduated with a Bachelor in Commerce at Strathmore University and her family could not hide the joy and pride in reaching such a milestone by throwing a huge invite only party at the luxurious Villarosa Kempinski.

Her mother singer Akothee on Instagram revealed she took her daughter to school to gain knowledge and learn to be respectful towards others.

For her she expressed her pride in her daughter for graduating with a job at hand as she is the director of Akothee Safaris.

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2. Jalang’o- In early November Kiss FM presenter took fans by surprise after revealing that he has been studying and was graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Development at Daystar University.

The degree is very important for the presenter as he seeks to vie for a seat as the Member of Parliament of Lang’ata constituency come 2022 and would be needing the papers to make it as a candidate.

The comedian was all smiles after his wife Amine threw a surprise party at Ole Sereni to celebrate his husband’s graduation.

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3. Mary Atwoli- COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli was all smiles with his wife Mary Kilobi in celebration of his daughter’s graduation.

Her brainy daughter graduated with a degree in Law in October and it is clear that being sharp runs in the Atwoli family.

4. Yvonne Nelson- You might recognize her from Naija films.

Yvonne Nelson a popular Nollywood actress is what we define as beauty with brains, who would have thought that beauty has so much growth education wise within her.

The beauty shared on LinkedIn a photo in her graduation attire celebrating her achievement with a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy.

For Yvonne Nelson she decided to challenge herself by coming out strong and pursuing her masters.

5. Quavo- News of Migos’ member rapper Quavo graduating from high school made rounds globally.

The Bad and Boujee rapper who had dropped out of high school was excited to share his successful completion at the age of 29 in May, 2020.

The rapper said he is looking forward to joining college after graduating from Berkman High school in his hometown in Atlanta.