A married woman has exposed her husband for being promiscuous. He has been sleeping with a prostitute. According to the woman, she found out about the affair in December after going through his phone.

I went through my husband's chats with a prostitute and was shocked. The meet about three times a week for se3. They have been doing it for quite a while now. I'm not mad at him because the chats are all about se3 no emotions attached. It's just pure business, they smash and he pays her. My husband and I still have a lot of se3 and gives me money. He provides for our children. Should I just ignore and keep peace in my home?' she wrote.

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Wankimu_muthoni Madam STDs is knocking on your door

ojims_official He's cheating, cheating is cheating!!!

miss__oyin Since you aren’t angry 🤔 we can’t be angry on your behalf 🥴 just keep your home

deszy_jet Or maybe you just don't have as much affection for your husband again

perfumeology101 This Woman is strong!

est_didi That still doesn't change the fact that he's cheating and might not stop anytime soon.

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eiish_17 Let peace reign, madam . It is well 🔥

patienceatieno8 Prostitute and he doesn’t use protection? wololo

greysbygbemi I really would never understand why women have naively normalized cheating. Like she sounds so calm.

annet2090 You are more worried emotions than your health

chioma_polycarp Ignore but always tell him to use protection on you I guess by then he would understand that you already found out

ekaette_secrets Infection is LOOMING!!!