Actor-cum-radio presenter Nick Ndeda is celebrating his 35th birthday. The soft-spoken Kiss FM presenter penned a letter to self, revealing that he never knew he would make it past 27 years.

'I thought I'd be dead by 27 so my 20s were fleeting, to say the least. Fortunately, I met people and did things that made me want to stay alive. Here we are, 35. Glad and happy and very fucking hopeful about shit. On that note, on a very serious note if I ran for president would you vote for me? Happy Birthday to me!!.'

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Check out birthday wishes from his fans and friends

Ongore Colin Happy birthday G

Emily Princess Kimani Happy birthday Nick Ndeda.

Carrey Francis Happy birthday Cool Master General.

Nadia Gachanja Happy happy birthday Big man, to many many more!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🎉🎉☺️☺️

David Owino Happy birthday bro, how years fly, imagine 4th floor is beckoning. Have a blast.

Njoki Wa Mburu Why dead now!May you enjoy decades and decades in this world and have your life to the fullest! Happy birthday

Lorella A. Jowi Happy birthday Nick! Naweza release zile majina za sirkal ama nijifunze kunyamaza...🤣🤣🥃

Dee Divine Mwangi Happy Happy birthday Nick, for your beautiful heart I definitely would be your campaign know what that means.

Joey Njeri Kabatha Happy Earthday Nick,the world best fall at your feet..

Susan Aquila Mburu Oh my goodness...I didn't know we shared a birthday. Happy birthday to us.

James TheArtist Gikonyo Happy Birthday bro. You're an inspiration. To many more

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