December 1 is HIV/Aids Day. It is an international day dedicated to raising awareness of the disease that continues to spread, caused by the spread of HIV infection while mourning those who have sadly died from the disease.

Well, we have millions of people living with HIV/Aids in Kenya and today we celebrate them as well.

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Some of those living with the virus have taken to social media to celebrate this special day and below are some of their messages;

Doreen Moraa Moracha28 years of fabulously hosting HIV.

15 years of being on ARVs.

20 years since my official HIV diagnosis.

I'm still here.

I'm still a beautiful story.

And I refuse to give power to a tiny virus that cannot speak.



Gal, I celebrate you and everyone who's positive feel loved❣️' read a message by the warrior.

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Kimutai Kemboi posted;

1st of December may look a normal day but to the People Living With HIV, it is a very special day. This is a day to reflect where we have come from, the milestones and where we are headed to.

There is nothing that feels good like being embraced when you are going through challenges in life, that is an encouragement calorie in itself. Such a day gives us pride, the world recognizes, appreciates and embraces us;this gives us strength and hope of pressing on.

"Global solidarity shared responsibility" is this year's theme. It means the world is standing with us and each and every individual has a role to play;be it a care-giver, service-provider and even pharmaceutical companies. These are the people whom their roles encourage us. We shall continue pressing on.

Hamah Nsubuga Hamah wrote;

Yes, Iam undetectable meaning can't transmit the virus to my sexual person it's scientifically proven undetectable equals Untransmittable (U=U) because my virus is dormant in my blood. I only have to keep good adherence to remain undetectable it's called treatment prevention the only way to end new infections.

Don't forget this treatment isn't curable you have to take it for life and not everyone can take it please if you negative stay negative HIV is real. Always disclose to your partner to prevent new infections and reinfections. IAM DEFINED BY MY HIV STATUS #ENDSTIGMAUG #UequalsU

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