Of late Facebook users have been creating interesting communities around various interests.

Here are some of the popular groups.

Wanderlust- a group created for the beautiful sceneries and share their travel experiences.

Let's cook- this is page with over 197k followers they post roughly thirty posts a day. The page is more about how to prepare African dishes they are some guidelines that regulate the page. You can also advertise your products but you have to wait for verification first. If you are a fan of cooking this is the age to be at and maybe you can get ideas and recipes on what to cook.

Matwana culture – matwana culture is basically the matatu culture and this page aims to,’ Promote, Preserve & Showcase the Matatu industry. We Celebrate this Means of Transport through Art, Music, People & Culture. Our main focus is to Re-brand and Build value in the Matatu Industry’. If you are an enthusiast of art or genuinely curious about the uniqueness of the matatu culture this is a group you can join

Buyer beware- the page was created to create awareness of the good and bad people undergo in customer or client service. They seek to find solutions. A great place to find a few tips.

Glam my home- this is a platform where guys share their own tips on how to improve your home.

Africa’s leading ladies- ‘Africa's Leading Ladies is a space for African women have a place they can come to and seek inspiration, get motivated, find mentors, as well as a space where we share opportunities, engage with talented women as well as find new synergies. Here we celebrate each other and lead each other towards greatness’.

KPL chat (football fans), -a group created for discussions about the Kenyan football. For the love of the game

thriving couples- a group that shares about how couples can and are thriving in this modern times