Tanasha Donna threatened me with goons! Vlogger cries

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

A  vlogger known as Ciem Guru who churns out content for Nairobi Loyalty YouTube channel claims that after interviewing Tanasha Donna, the star turned on him.

"I did some content with Tanasha at her place. We shot it and they she told me to send it to her for approval before I upload. When I sent it, she told me I don’t like the angles you have used to shoot so don’t upload the video," he narrated in a video with tears rolling down his face.

He continued,

"I told her, this video has been sponsored by so many companies they have paid money so that the content goes out to many people and now you are telling me not to upload it, does it make sense?"

Ciem ignored her and went ahead and uploaded the video and it trended.,

"Later she called me asked me to pull it down. SHe threatened me a lot and said she will send goons to finish me and that she even has connections with CID. She threatened me badly, I have full proof of what I’m saying. I'm not after clout."

A disappointed Ciem went ahead to explain how content creators are abused by celebrities daily.

"I'm here to give voice to other content creators and other people who are seeing what is happeneing in the industry. There are many things that happen and many people don’t see, we burn the midnight oil to ensure that the artistes get their content and yet they treat us like people who are meaningless. We are the ones who make you relevant. I’m so disappointed."

Tanasha Donna is yet to respond to the claims. The video is still up on the interwebs.