Tanzanian beauty queen Wema Sepetu has revealed that she and Diamond Platnumz made a blood covenant.

Sepetu was the first public girlfriend that Diamond ever introduced although she was famous before the singer was.

The two dated for some years and were the couples goals back in the day.

Well, Wema has now revealed that when they were dating, they took an oath which was sealed by blood.

Sepetu said that they cut each other, merged the small wounds and licked each other's blood.

"Diamond ni mwanamme ambaye anapenda sana Mapenzi. He was my baby, yaani totally my baby.

Mimi na Diamond tumeshawahi kufanya kiapoo cha damu. Tulitoboana. Alinitoboa, nikamtoboa, tukaviunganisha, Nikanyonya cha kwake, akanyonya cha kwangu"

Asked whether she feels like the covenant is still working, she said;

I don't know

Sepetu said this in an interview with a Tanzanian gossip show.

In an instagram post, when asked whether she still loves Diamond, she said;

‘As a person and not a lover!’

Sepetu is currently dating a man that opts not to be in the public eye.