YouTuber Joan Munyi popularly known as Yummy Mummy has revealed that no marriage is perfect and so it is with hers.

The mother of three during a Q&A with her fans revealed that she and her husband Zach have broken up twice for the three years they've been married.

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'In the three years, Zach and I have been married, we have separated twice. Both times we have reunited stronger and closer. Both times we needed therapy to work through the issues because we had both reached our boiling point and didn't know how to make it back to each other,' she posted.

Talking about her marriage to Zach, Yummy Mummy admitted that marriage isn't a walk in the park.

'Marriage is hard. But it's fun. JUST LIke anything worth having in life, it takes effort. You can't be a passive participant in your marriage and expect it to work. Marriage can be the real ghetto. But if you put in the work, it becomes the kind of ghetto you really want to stay in.'

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She went ahead to respond to more questions from her followers. Check out some of them;