A married woman isn't happy with her mother. The woman through a post to a relationship expert revealed that her husband cleans her mother's undergarments, which is very abnormal to many people.

'My boyfriend cleans my mother's panties and bras. I recently travelled out of the city and when I came back, I was shocked to see my husband do it. I don't feel comfortable. It is okay?' she wrote.

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myinvestigathor There is a limit to being respectful, if she's sick she can get a female to help her do her underwears, it's okay if he washes her gowns, skirts, tops etc. But Underwears are a no no

chesbonbelle All shades of weird men

vinotin56 Hoeseband material majeksola9263 Honestly, I don't think any thing is wrong. He would do same for his mother and I think that's how high the regards he has for your mother that's why he did the washing. You're lucky!

queencocosugarng There must be something very wrong with your mother

lady_bukolaIt is so wrong for your mum

itohanbeatrice It abnormal to do that to your mum or is your mum crushing on him.a real sensible mother won't allow that

daisybuttah So weird

obinwannechiemeka Your mother is disrespectful

ericablu There are limits to certain things. That's rubbish

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