Peter Miracle Baby of Gengetone's Sailors Gang is without a doubt one of the most talented artistes around. He is also eloquent and bold.

Sailors recently suffered a major blow after their former manager Radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel refused to give them login credentials to their YouTube account, she demanded that the new label pay her Ksh, 1.5m to release login credentials.

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Well, during an Instagram Live with, Miracle Baby talked about their new club banger Kulewa Kuchuchuma and also revealed that they went through a lot in the hands of Mwalimu Rachel.

'Tumenyanyaswa kama vijana juu hatuna mtetezi hatuna any, hatuna say. But God will always be there for us na atatutetea. Watabonga, watatutusi but tutazidi kutoa mziki poa kwa mafans wenye wametusupport since day one after releasing Wamlambez. imebidi tuanze zero.'

He added,

'Najuanga God ako. Sinanga baba mwengine huku duniani naeza lilia.'

The leader of the group that gave us the Wamblambez hit song urged fans to subscribe to their new channel Sailors 254 official.


Taking about Sailors relationship with their former manager, Miracle Baby said,

'Sisi hatuna noma na yeye (Mwalimu Rachel) but ujue what goes around comes around.'

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