Miracle Baby of the famous gengetone group Sailors has narrated how a baby was left on his doorsteps by an unknown person.

Since then he has taken up the responsibility of bringing up the child who is now around 7 months old.

'I have many kids four to be precise. Three are mine and one is adopted. I woke up and found him placed on a basin outside my house. So I took him and decided to bring him up. I don't know the mother but there is a way he resembles me.

He is around seven months. I am not sure of how old he was when he was dropped outside my door.'


On whether he is currently dating he says,

'I fasted and prayed to God for a woman and he granted me one.

One day I was walking from the shops and a passing car splashed water at me.

So I insulted them, when the window was lowered down I started stammering and apologized as it was a lady in it.

We then exchanged numbers and the rest is history.

We haven't yet tied the knot as we are still learning about each other.'

Kweli, Miracle Baby is following God's commandments of 'go and fill the earth'.