Kenyan gengetone star Miracle Baby has talked about his past hustle working in a mortuary and the nightmares he had.

That was before he became a member of the famous gengetone group Sailors. He had just cleared high school and the hustle presented itself.

Speaking during a live Mpasho session, the father of four shared,

'I loved the job because it put food on the table, if not I would not wake up to go work there.

It was however not an easy job, I used to have nightmares. It was a stressful life.

You could never think of anything else and one had to be high all the time.

The one incident that shocked me to date is a person who had fallen into a well and was found after a week.

So by the time he was brought there his body was already decomposing. It's something you wouldn't want to think about.'

Peter further added that his past struggles make him grind as hard as he does.

'I have come from far and that's why I always thank God for the far I have come. I would never want to go back there.'

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