Kenyan socialite cum businesswoman Vera Sidika days ago revealed that she and artiste Brown Mauzo are married, sources say that it was a private wedding.

I do not think Vera and Mauzo are married and here is why.

Vera loves the high life

We all know that Vera loves traveling and Brown Mauzo has no money to fund such trips.

Vera is not just the girl next door, she is a socialite who loves not only traveling but also shopping in high-end malls, eating at posh restaurants and buying designer clothes, handbags and accessories.

Brown Mauzo on the other hand is just a mere ‘hustler’ maintaining himself with his music, and as we all know music doesn’t pay that well in Kenya. Not with royalties being misappropriated by CMOs.

So Vera would only date/marry someone who will be able to afford to sponsor her flashy lifestyle.

Both Vera and Mauzo would only end up being trophy spouses to each other

A trophy spouse is one who is only good to attend events with, good for the cameras, and nothing more.

Mauzo is handsome that we won’t deny and Vera has gone out of her way to look ‘pretty’, such a marriage would attract so much unnecessary attention.

It would never work.

Vera loves attention

In the past months, we have seen Vera post nude/ almost photos of herself on social media when she was about to launch her beauty parlor in Nyali.

That goes to show how desperate she is for attention, what makes you think that she would hold  a private wedding?

She is not the type to keep things under the carpet. She is the type that would want everyone to know how much the entire wedding cost.

From the gown to the décor, so wasitudanganye.

In the recent past, more and more celebs are clout chasing and Vera is among one of them.

She is a businesswoman so she knows kiki is one way to market her business.