Popular teen TV drama Tahidi High is loved by many but the new cast is nothing compared to the pioneering cast.

Time has passed and most of them now have children.

Here are their photos with their beautiful families:

Mercy Njoki with her two sons
Mercy Njoki with her two sons

1. Mercy Njoki – Shammy

She is a mother of two. On motherhood she says,

“Being a mom might mean that my hands are full, but so is my head, Our time together is the greatest gift. #mysonsmygems”

Jacque Matubia with her daughter
Jacque Matubia with her daughter

2. Jackie Matubia - Jolene

Jolene, as she was fondly known on the show, is a mother of one, a daughter.

In one of her posts, Matubia pens the message below.

“You’re precious in every way, the sunshine in my day, Me My in my soul and the love of my lite teem. hlakupencla princess Zari”

Antony Njuguna – Allan
Antony Njuguna – Allan

3. Antony Njuguna – Allan

The outspoken actor is a father of one, a beautiful daughter named Hadassa Kalyeke.

Expressing his love for her daughter, he says

“The joy you give me is unexplainable. Love you my sunshine @hadassahkalyeke”

Abel Mutua with daughter and wife
Abel Mutua with daughter and wife

4. Abel Mutua

Abel Mutua is a face every one recpgnises. Away from his Tahidi High character Abel is a husband and a father of one.

5. Prince Tsyder aka Tony 

One the show he was known as a mischievous student. He is a father to an adorable daughter. In one of his captions, he highlights his experience being a proud daddy to a daughter.

“Loyalty is a gift that a lot of people don’t have, if there is something that I have learnt from this gal is unconditional love. Loving someone even when they don’t deserve, thank you fancyface,nakupenda.” 

Pierra Makena with Ricca Pokot
Pierra Makena with Ricca Pokot

6. Pierra Makena

She is a celebrated spin master and mother of one.

7. Ken Mungai - Sean

Sean was loved by many for his musical prowess. He had a way of enticing fellow Tahidi High students with his magic fingers.

Sean is a father of one and he is married to Lorna Saina.