There is mentality with women that their man has to come home smelling of another ladies perfume for them to have cheated.

Siz, times have changed and not even coronavirus has stopped men from cheating.

Reports from the ground say that lodgings are even more busy than they were before.

Here is how men have upped their game.

They no longer take long showers after their sex escapades

Your man knows that if he comes home smelling of Geisha and at home you use Menengai you might be suspicious.

So what they do is, wipe off the nether areas, anaenda kuogea kwake.

Unless you are very insecure they are very aware that you cant ask to smell their chuma ya doshi every time they go out.

They don't carry remaining condoms back home

Most men have now mastered the art of profit and losses, so why risk a whole marriage just because you want to carry one unused condom home?

They either live it with their side chicks or leave it in the room, after all the next ninja might want to use it.

They don't save their side chicks using aliases

Gone are the days where men saved the contacts of their side chicks under names such as 'Mburu mechanic' or 'Kamau caretaker'.

They know it's very easy to get caught so they save them using their real names.

They know you can't go through all the contacts to counter check.

They don't come back home at weird hours of the night

Just because your husband comes home immediately after work  does not mean he does not cheat.

In-fact most married men cheat during the day. There are some good men who don't cheat but they are hard to find.

Some come home early to marinate and get ready for the next 'job'.

In-case you are doubtful feel free to visit hotel rooms during the day.