Ever noticed that most children of Presidents and prominent politicians do not have social media accounts? They prefer to keep their life private.

This does not mean that they do not have fun by reading memes or social media posts; they just don’t do so via their accounts.

Below are some of the reasons why such kids have no social media accounts.


At a time when cyber hackers have perfected the art, it’s always advisable for people of such caliber to avoid being so much on social media.

It’s paramount to keep their day to day activity private as they are also easy targets for crimes such as kidnapping, don’t assume it only happens in movies.

Avoiding public scrutiny

Being the President’s son or daughter means that your life will always be under scrutiny.

People want to know who you are dating, how many kids you have etc.

But like everybody else, such kids also want to have a normal life so that’s why some opt to stay away from social media.

Protecting your location

Constantly posting on social media and giving out your location means that the media can easily find you, something most people do not enjoy.

Wanting to live a normal life

Some politicians’ kids just want to live a normal life.

They want to be able to go to a mall without being noticed, get into an eatery, and enjoy their meal without being disturbed.

The simple things in life are what they want to enjoy.