Kenyans are not happy for Vera Sidika and her new boo musician Brown Mauzo.

The two have been sharing lovey-dovey photos and videos on their Instagram and Snapchat accounts, though many think it's just a publicity stunt. Couldn't they be working on a music video? or just promoting Vera's Spa in Nyali?

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Well, while celebrating Vera's birthday, Mauzo penned a romantic letter to her, referring to her as the love of his life.

'You walk into my life, unexpectedly and I found myself falling deeper and deeper in love with the person you are, happy birthday, fiancé. Sometimes, when I think about you I cannot stop thinking about our future too. I was right about you all the time. Sweet, loving, caring, and responsible lady. All I ever dreamed of. So on your birthday, I want you to have the things that will make you happy. I will support you all the way. Have a wonderful birthday, honey. I love you ❤️😘 @queenveebosset' read his message accompanied by the pic below.

Kenyans commented on the post with many advising him to 'enjoy while it lasts' because he will soon be dumped.

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snr_burtonnjimu Buda hujipendi😂😂😂😂

armanou Otile pia alipost hii pcha last yr kama leo

dion_achieng Mauzo hapa umeuza but enjoy while it lasts utapelekwa vacation salon na spa utaenda bure but utaachwa mwishowe

solo_tha_dj It will end in premium tears

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reen__ke Hii picha ndio ilipostiwa na Ex last year hakukutumia ingine 😂😂😂

mullah_c Uliacha Amber tena gold digger

ivah_the_diva Mtaachana tu 😂😂😂

j0703732828 Na mkikosana usiseme ka otile ati vera alikuseduce...anyway hatutaki mkosane mzeeke pamoja...

stephenmasheti It's ur time bro ,,usipompiga kuni vizuri mtaachana tu👌

mamush_mamuh uliza otile nanii😂😂😂

fredrick_junior Premium tears loading...

tendo_tumaa Kumbe ilikuwa ukweli. Happy birthday to your queen.