Vera Sidika has opened up about the first man who dazzled her with gifts and money. She admits that he is her first and only sponsor but highlights the fact that he was not married at the time of the relationship.

Vera defended her decision to date the older man saying:

"He was in a situation where he was divorced, he was also older than me. he treated me so well and did a lot of thing for me. he did not like that i was in the modeling industry. And that I was hustling here and there working. I was also living very far from him, on Thika road, which was near my university. So it got to a point where he said, 'As my girlfriend, I want to help you.'."

The socialite turned business person narrates how they met.

"It has been and interesting journey. I left Mombasa for Nairobi. It is a big city and the culture is different from that in Mombasa. Life is fast paced. I joined the modelling industry as I studied at Kenyatta University. During the holidays, I would go back to Mombasa. At the time there were beach parties.

At one of the parties there was a man who loved me. We talked, he liked me and we kept in touch. He lived in Nairobi. At the time, I did not know that he was a prominent businessman."

Vera described how besotted the businessman was with her and to show his appreciation he showered her with expensive gifts.

"That is normal, he gave me money. A lot of money. You cannot have a rich and successful man and you are looking jaded and broke. He would give me money for shopping. To say the truth, that is money, I had never seen in my entire life! He would give me money and it would shock me."

After two or three week of him showering me with gifts and money, I thought to myself, 'This is money I'm not used to getting. I have to start saving.' I dated him for one and a half years. Every Friday, for all those years, I would go to the bank and deposit money he had given me."

However, the fire in the romance died down. Vera narrates how it went down.

"A man who is successful in business can get any woman he so pleases, you cannot control him. You have to know that he may leave you and start going after other women. That is normal. It got to a point where we drifted apart and we broke up.

She added, "He had set me up in a lifestyle that was different from what I was used to. Like I had a driver, I had shifted from living in a bedsitter to a posher neigbourhood. When we parted ways, my life had to revert back to square one.'

Vera explains what she did after the break up.

"If I was stupid and afraid of what my fellow classmates would say about me, I would have spent all the money I had saved to maintain that lifestyle, but I did not. I moved from the posh apartment and moved to a middle class neigbourhood and started using a matatu to school. But I knew that I had saved my millions from that relationship."

Her pals in school laughed at her, Vera said this did not kill her spirit.

"When my lifestyle was good, I had many friends. When all that ended they ran away. I was laughed at, with people saying I have been dumped, 'Nowadays she takes a matatu to school. The car was taken away.'. Only three friends stuck by my side and i cherish them."

So what did she do with the money?

"I bought a property in Mombasa, and started investing in poultry farming at the same time, I was also modeling, featuring in videos and with time I blew up. And that was the starting point of my life as a business woman."

"Later when my businesses picked up, people started saying, 'Has she found another sponsor?' But they had no idea what my game plan was. "

Now Vera Sidika is an established entrepreneur who runs her own beauty parlour.