Singer Denno has narrated his life story after he released his famous hit 'Mbona' which he was featured by fellow gospel singer Daddy Owen.

Denno almost fell into depression.

Speaking to Ala C on YouTube, Denno said while the song was a hit, his pockets were empty.

"All I wanted was to join the music industry and so we did not agree on the terms of the money and so that at first was not an issue," he said.

"At first, I felt used and my work taken advantage of and even regretted why those who helped me join the industry would not teach me some of the things about the industry."

Denno said he would wake up without a coin in his pocket yet the song was trending.

"Daddy Owen was used by God to bring me into the limelight but at some [point] life became hard and I almost fell into depression," he said.

Denno said when he met Bahati they produced the song Story Yangu, through which he rejoined the industry.

"I was very mad at Daddy Owen. Anytime he was around me, I used to feel the hatred," he said.

After sharing his story with Bahati, the artist used a stunt to bring Daddy Owen and Denno together.

"Owen came home and I opened up to him all my issues with him, we solved and we are good friends," he said.