Kenyan woman Doreen Moraa, who is living with HIV has revealed that she was diagnosed with the virus 20 years ago.

The 28-year-old bold lady is never afraid of sharing her life journey with HIV/AIDs to encourage others living with the virus.

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In a post that has moved many, Doreen narrated how her little brother succumbed to the virus because there was no treatment for it.

'What keeps me going in my journey of living with HIV for 28 years now? It's HOPE. When I was diagnosed, 20 years ago there were no ARVs, there was only HOPE. My little brother died and so did many other people because there was no treatment 15 years later I'm on treatment, ARVs are getting better and there is HOPE for an HIV/AIDS-free world as long as we don't give up the HOPE. HIV has changed, times have changed and one day I'd like to say "I used to have HIV" For now I'm keeping that HOPE alive, taking my ARVs and staying beautiful while I'm at it.'

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Check out reactions to Doreen's post

Violet Chepkite So inspiring.

Navjyotirmaya Manav U will complete your 121 years and I hope very soon we will get rid of our tiny guest.

Benson Kayange Wonderful story, you are giving hope to the world for your testimony, thank very much.

Belyne Lavy Monisha Beautiful girl keep on having hope.

Mayes Al Sure, with the advancement in medical research that will progressively be realized. Hope is real, and everything; you're beautiful.

Lozi Chonga you are an inspiration to many dear.

Debby Nathan The one that caught my eye is "one day you will say, I use to have HIV" 100% Hope you made run a test to know my status because I was inspired by your faith and hope. I wish everyone go tested and also know your HIV status, if it is positive you face it before it becomes aids, if negative you thank God for another opportunity and be careful how you live your life. Thank goodness am negative HIV aids is real!

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