It is not an easy task to build a house, leave alone one for your parents. However, there are celebrities who have gone against the millennial grain and put their parents first.

Check out the houses they built for their precious parents.

  1. Reginah Daniels

She is an actress and the woman engaged to Nigerian billionare Ned Nwoko

Reginah shared photos of the houses adding that was her way of gifting her mum.

Just a little thank you for mama🙏🙏  

House belonging to Reginah Daniels mum

Classy house belonging to Regina Daniel’s mum

2. Nandy

The Tanzanian artiste gifted her mum a house back in 2018.

The house Tanzanian artiste Nandy gifted her mum

3. Jalangoo

The radio host cum event host built his mother a house despite being warned against it by elders in his community.

They said, as the firstborn son, If I build the house, an older man has to step in as my stepdad to give my mum permission and traditionally to take her to the new house so that it is not cursed.

Jalango built the mun this house against luo traditions

The comedian added,

Me with my big head, I defied them. I found a good piece of land and built my mum a house. In the village, the neighbours were in shock because of that move.

The bemoaned my move saying I will be a corpse in due course.To date, I’m waiting [for the grim reaper].