Women are known to be the more sensitive and emotional about their body image, than men, so you should tread carefully on how you handle them.

When it comes to men, one should observe what they do or say to women to avoid annoying or irritating them, especially when it comes to any issue related to their body.

A woman's body is the next important thing after her life and what you say about it matters a lot, especially the negative comments.

So men, it's good to know some of the things you should not tell a lady regarding her body or physique unless you want to cross her line.

Here are 5 things you should avoid telling/asking a lady concerning her body.

1. Are You Adding Weight?

This one needs no explanation, never tell a woman that she is adding weight. The society has come to disregard being curvaceous as being unsexy or unattractive, so no woman wants to hear that she is putting on some weight, at any cost. After all, she knows that she is gaining some pounds and she may want that or maybe doing something about it to shed it off.

2. You Are Too Skinny

Yes, I know, we are very complicated. As much as we want to shed off weight and look smaller, we don't want to hear some dude telling us that we are skinny and need to put on some weight to look sexier. Especially for African women, we want to have a bit of curves, hips, a bit of thighs and some bum. Telling a lady she is skinny may make her feel emaciated or suffering from some disease.

3. Your Boobs Are Too Small/Big

Do not go anywhere near the topic about a woman's boobies, it is not respectful at all. Such comments are the ones which drive women to do plastic surgery, to get boob implants to resize them so as to make the man happy and we know the consequences of implants. Unless a woman is confident in herself and appreciates her body, she may take such a comment negatively and make her have low-self esteem.

4. You Have Cellulite

Hell No! Having cellulite is a natural thing for a woman's body and commenting on it as a man can have a very negative impact on a lady and the next thing you realise is a hard slap on your face. Making cellulite go away is very costly and African women have not time to waste their dime on such. If you are dating someone and you comment on how ugly the cellulite is, you can be sure that she will never be confident to even get naked when the lights are on or she may as well dump you.

5. You Have A Big Stomach

There is nothing women hate like having a big belly, whether one has had a child or not, we all want to have flat stomachs. If you tell a lady she has a big stomach, it might as well be a push for her to go and work out to reduce it, but don't rub it on her face that it's big, thus making her look ugly. She may start having doubts on whether everyone notices it and start getting insecure and paranoid about it.

6. You Have Stretchmarks

Wow! Never ever! Stretch marks are not so pleasing and it gets worse when you realise men can notice them. If a man talks about stretch marks on a woman, it's not pretty, because it can lower her self-esteem and make her  feel insecure about her body image and what she wears, though we have confident women who proudly show off their stretch marks, especially mothers. But don't go ahead and comment about them, just let it slide, after all, she knows she has them, is okay with it and you don't need to remind her.

7. You Are Fat

This had to be the last on the list, because of the obvious. Women hate the word 'Fat' and if you have a problem with that, keep it to yourself. A woman is very sensitive with her body, especially when she is heavy in terms in weight and cannot even rock a bikini. That's a topic you would not want to bring up with a lady, ever! Instead, tell her to join you in your weekly gym routine or join you for a morning jog.