Citizen TV's 10over10 presenter and Hot 96 presenter Willis Raburu has responded to rumours that he is dating a Rwandese chic.

A few months ago, word went viral that Raburu had broken up with his wife Marya and hooked up with a Rwandese chic. Raburu has never addressed the rumour but speaking about it for the first time on Jalang'o TV, Raburu said,

I have committed all the ten COMMANDMEnts apart from "Thou shall not kill. I HAVE coveted my neighbour's property, I have stolen."..

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Jalangó interjected asking - have you taken somebody's wife?''

'No. I have NOT taken somebody's wife,' Raburu responded while laughing out loud.

Asked if he has ever been to Rwanda, where his alleged girlfriend is from, he said,

I've been to Rwanda while covering genocide anniversary and a feature on baboons.

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