Radio personality Alex Mwakideu has advised that people should learn to differentiate between trust and loyalty in matters relationship and marriage.

According to Alex, these are two different things.

Speaking during an interview with Dr Kingori, Alex said that he loves his wife but does not trust her.

'I have a list of people I trust and my wife is not on that list.

I don't trust people at all,I only trusted my mum with my whole heart and would have trusted her with my life.'

Asked on why he does not trust his wife yet he is married to her, he sarcastically responded

'People just get married because it's something that has to be done. I love her but I don't trust her.

Don't mix trust with loyalty,You can trust someone and not be loyal to them.'

Asked on whether he would take a bullet for his wife?

'Stop asking such questions,I think for my wife I would but for my kids I would never even think about it.'

Personally I think Kenyan men wako tu na issues zao, they are a rare bread.

Do you agree with Mwakideu that you can love someone and not trust them? If yes/no give your reason.